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M&J Seafood Explore Prawns

The pale pinkness of a Prawn has brought broad smiles to British diners for decades, but what is it that makes this little critter so sought after? Beacon supply partner, M&J Seafood share their expert insight.
Guest article: M&J Seafood

Prawn cocktail is perhaps the most iconic dish this ingredient has ever starred in, perfect for catering at functions and a firm favourite for Beacon customers at Christmas. A flavour combination that’s become so enduring, it’s been replicated for snacks and crisps everywhere from Truro to Tokyo. The dish originally found suburban fame during the 1970s where it was the go-to starter at dinner parties. Since then, it has become a famed relic that appears on classic menus across the western world and is still one of the most common ways to prepare the humble Coldwater Prawn. In fact, the marriage of fresh boiled Prawn and Marie Rose sauce is so exceptional that it’s often played with today, with modernist restaurants introducing deconstructed versions or riffing on the make-up of this 70s classic.


We’ve also become pretty fond of the King Prawn, and its not too distant relative the Langoustine. The firm flesh of these sea creatures works astoundingly with garlic and butter, and by keeping the preparation as simple as possible, the freshness of the meat is allowed to truly shine. Simplicity, as seasoned chefs and line cooks will no doubt appreciate, keeps cooking time and plating incredibly quick and easy.

With the British appetite for world cuisine not looking to abate any time soon, the King Prawn is the perfect partner for many international dishes. It’s a source of protein found in some of the freshest Asian rice noodle dishes and stir-fries. Best partnered with fragrant herbs, Prawns find their way into a huge number of Mediterranean dishes and can be tossed through everything from vibrant linguine, to light and fluffy French pilafs.

king prawns

Whether you’re using Prawns in a complex, slow cooked dish, or treating them as simply as you can, this little animal is perhaps the most adaptable cooking ingredient we pull from the sea.

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