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Beacon Introduce Imprint Plus™

Imprint Plus™ is Beacon's newest supply partner, specialising in providing hospitality and healthcare businesses with an immediate, professional, cost-saving name badge and signage programme using existing office equipment.
Who is Imprint Plus™?
Imprint Plus™ is in the business of helping individuals and businesses define and communicate their unique identities. They believe that not only does the businesses brand need the right look and feel, but it also has to convey a message and company values, which is no small feat.

Historically the decision a business made about name badges was based on the cost per badge, often resulting in a poorer badge selection. Imprint Plus™ had to strike a balance between quality and cost. Everyone loved the sleek, professional name badges from Imprint Plus™, but the system also had to be affordable in order to win over customers.

How can help Beacon customers?
Ideal for seasonal/temporary staff, allowing businesses to manage their own badge production in-house. Suzanne Colville-Ross from Imprint Plus™ says;

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Beacon customers. Our patented name badge and signage program helps to reduce cost, waste and time spent managing name badge and signage purchases. Your Beacon badges and signs will be professional, re-usable and convenient. They are customised with just a PC and standard office printer. Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do and I look forward to speaking with Beacon customers to see how we can help them.”    

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Find out more...

To discover how Imprint Plus™'s badge printing can help your business, find out more here or contact your Beacon account manager.

Interested in joining over 2,000 business who are already working with Beacon to run a more profitable business? Click here and a member of the Beacon team will be in touch. Alternatively, call Beacon on 01904 695588.

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