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Are you protecting your sensitive information from prying eyes?

Daily, businesses manage confidential information on behalf of their customers. The miss-management of reports, business plans, financial data, customer pricing, names and addresses, credit card details etc can expose hotels and healthcare providers to fraudulent activity and even fines.
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May 2018 will see the introduction of a new addition to the Data Protection Act. The UK Data Protection Act requires anyone who handles personal information to comply with a number of important principles. Failure to comply with an enforcement notice is also a criminal offence, and the commissioner has the power to impose a penalty of up to £500,000. 

GDPR in a nutshell, any business or organisation must ensure that they:

1. Process data fairly and lawfully
2. Tell people properly when collecting their personal data and get their consent
3. Only hold data which they need and keep it secure
4. Keep the data they hold accurate and up-to date
5. Respect people’s right to opt out at any time
6. Do data protection impact assessments when doing something new
7. Are ready to deal with the new rights created by GDPR – like the rights for people to  see the data that is held on them, to move it, to correct it and to have it deleted
8.  Destroy data that they don’t need any more – and make sure this is done securely
9.  Only share data with people they trust
10. Have a proper written agreement

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