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Craft Beer Meets Craft Chips With McCain

With the craft beer “revolution" creating a new generation of savvier, more discerning drinkers, the great British pub has undergone a bit of a transformation of late. Beacon supply partner, McCain Foodservice's chip offering goes hand in hand.
Guest article: McCain Foodservice

The foodservice industry is as affected by trends as much as it is seasonality, with new ingredients coming and going depending on what’s available at the time, and which way the tide of consumer interest seems to be flowing.

Whilst it’s good to experiment with the ingredients you use and the menus you’re serving from time to time, there are some items – like chips - that customers expect to be available consistently. Whether we’re talking pubs, restaurants, schools or healthcare, customers across sectors expect venues to have chip options, year in and year out.

What makes the perfect chip?
Consumers don’t just want any chip, and have a firm idea of what makes the “perfect” chip. In a recent survey by Wirral Sensory, 82% of respondents said that good chips should be crisp on the outside, whilst for 87% of people it’s essential that the perfect chip stays hot in temperature while on the plate. In contrast, over 70% of respondents said that bad chips would be those that went cold quickly, and had noticeable defects, such as black marks. McCain research shows that chips even serve as a benchmark for a meal, meaning that the product you choose to serve can make either make or break a customers’ whole dining experience.

Food pairing
Although lager still remains popular, it’s now increasingly common to find pubs carrying their own range of tailored and craft beers, with hyper-regional international styles rubbing shoulders with traditional local ales. Whilst customers now expect pubs to know their stouts from their saisons, when it comes to food traditional options are still king, with 75% of diners expecting a chip option. However, that doesn’t mean any old chip will do, and when eating customers likely want foods that mirror the provenance of the beer they’re drinking.


After all the, rise of craft beer has largely been led by a younger, more discerning spectrum of customers, who when eating out place value on venues that can shout about stocking artisanal, local, or sustainable produce.

Made in partnership with British growers using specially selected varieties, McCain Gourmet and Traditional chips fit the bill perfectly, allowing you to shout fully about the craft, quality, and local credentials of every aspect of what you serve to customers. This isn’t just relevant for pubs either, and with 42,000 dining venues in the UK stocking some form of craft beer, taking equal pride in the provenance of your chips as that of your beer makes sense.

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All statistics from Wirral Sensory research, undertaken in partnership with McCain.