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January 2018 Fish and Seafood Outlook from M&J Seafood

Salmon pricing is no longer as high as expected a few months ago and Sea Bass availability and price should remain steady. Good news for hospitality businesses this month. Read on to find out what fish and seafood availability and pricing is looking like for January 2018.
Salmon harvesting, which was reduced over the Christmas holidays will now be stepped up with increased availability and deliveries from the second week of January. Prices remained high in the build up to Christmas however, not as high as
expected a few months ago. There is a view that, if the market responds in the same way as in 2017, prices may start easing back in January as global production volumes continue to outstrip reduced demand, especially in Europe. Overall global harvest volume is expected to rise by 6% in 2018 - predominantly driven by Norway (10.5%) and Chile (10%) with reductions in volume from the UK and Faroe Islands.


At a glance:

- Due to tighter supply, Farmed Sea Bream is likely to increase in price.

- Frozen inflation in January will include Alaskan Pink Salmon (low supplies), Hake  (strong demand and reduced quotas), coated whitefish (quota cuts and ingredient cost rises) and Coldwater Prawns (quota cuts in Canada).

- Once again, the European Commission has issued a ban on all forms of Bass fishing during the spawning season in February and March to try and stem declining stock levels. In addition quotas for next year have been cut by 50% to just 5mt including rod and line fisheries.

- Chilled Crayfish will see a hike in price as demand in the Chinese market is pushing raw material prices up.


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