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Cold Weather Shrinks Aubergines – Official

Emoji creators might want to resize the popular aubergine icon! Our supplier insight shows that the recent poor weather has stunted growth of the purple fruit with crops arriving in Britain undersized! Find out more about how this and other fresh produce have been affected with insight from Beacon's Director of Purchasing, Hans Ziebeck.

A lack of rainfall and low temperatures in Spain at the end of last year delayed crop cycles and left them vulnerable to frosts and as a result growers have been struggling to produce aubergines capable of reaching their normal size. Beef tomatoes are also arriving from Spain undersized due to the same poor growing conditions.

It is not just aubergines and beef tomatoes that have been impacted by the resent adverse weather. The Beast from the East has hit key growing areas in Europe causing some vegetables such as cauliflowers and leeks to stop growing completely, causing supply problems for the catering trade.

Hans Ziebeck, Director of Purchasing at Beacon, said: “Aubergine lovers are likely to have less to hold in their hand as a result of the poor weather shrinking them. We have also heard of outlets being advised to take cauliflower and leeks off their menus due to the lack of supply again caused by the cold weather. We continue to work with our partners to advise of supply problems, prices increases and suitable alternatives for the hospitality industry as poor weather for growers is set to continue.”


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